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Rena Kornblum’s In-School Violence Prevention and Therapy Program in the News

Photo by RobynLendingHalsten
Photo by Robyn Lending Halsten

It’s Wednesday morning at Allis Elementary School on Madison’s east side, and 16 third-graders — 10 boys and six girls — enter into an open-space classroom in typical wiggly, giggly style. Some are making goofy faces at one another, some are bouncing around hand-in-hand with friends, and others are just trying to stay out of the whirling-dervish path of activity.

Settling this group would normally seem a tall order, but once the children are instructed to sit in a large circle and to clear their minds, the antsy energy appears to vanish. The students, some with developmental disabilities, have all eyes on the “ooze tube,” a liquid gel drip version of an hourglass that visually encourages relaxation. Those who can’t quite reach complete calm put their hands on their heads to help. Within minutes, the room goes from playground-style pandemonium to a state of Zen not commonly associated with a grade-school classroom.

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Kehl School Wins Highest Scoring Dance at Competition

Kehl School wins highest scoreCongratulation to the Kehl Team dancers who attended Dreamstar Competition February 21-22. Kehl received the Best Overall Routine at the competition for “The Idea of Light”, choreographed by ex-Kehl dancer Lexi Evans-Krueger, now dancing with Dayton Contemporary Ballet Company.

2015 February Kehl School Idea of light

Last week at the Legacy competition in Madison, the Kehl School junior groups were awarded the “Legacy Trophy'” that  goes to the studio with the highest point total for the top 5 routines they bring.

Madison Ballet Presents Cinderella Sat, Mar 28 – Sun, Mar 29



Poster of CinderallaBoy meets girl. Girl gets shoes. Sweet! Madison Ballet’s glittering production returns with lavish costumes, a dramatic score, and choreography by Artistic Director W. Earle Smith. Complete with fairies, ladybugs, wicked step-sisters and a charming prince, Cinderella is sure to amaze and inspire dreams come true.