UW-Madison Dance Department Celebrates 90th Anniversary April 26-30!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Dance Department is celebrating it’s 90th Anniversary with master classes, panel discussions, and performances every day from April 26-30.  These wonderful events are free and open to the public and run through Sunday.

Photo by Jeffrey R. Ballard

The photograph above is from the opening reception that followed the performance last night.  Some of the WDC Awardees who were in attendance last night were:
Margot Mink Colbert (WDC Choreography/Performance Award 1997)
Peggy Myo-Young Choy (WDC Choreography/Performance Award 2001)
Karen Cowan (WDC Margaret H’Doubler Award 2006)
Gerri Gurman (WDC Distinction Award 2004)
Rena Kornblum (WDC Research and Journalism Award 2002)
Li Chiao-Ping (WDC Choreography/Performance Award 2005)
Karen Mcshane-Hellenbrand (WDC Past President)
Anna Nassif (WDC Margaret H’Doubler Award 1996)
Phyllis Sanfilippo (WDC Career Recognition Award 2010)
Jin-Wen Yu (WDC Choreography/Performance Award 2003)
Bess Zana (WDC Career Recognition Award 2001)
Tibor Zana (WDC Career Recognition Award 1996)