Danica Sena is Teaching Master Class at the WDC 2017 Conference on August 19!

Danica Sena is teaching Master Class at the Wisconsin Dance Council’s 2017 Conference from 10:45am to 12:15am!

Please see the 2017 Conference Invitation for more information.

Participants to Danica’s class will be introduced to the key elements of Flamenco Dance and music via specific historical and cultural context.  The physical movement aspect of this class will include basic rhythmic clapping/accompaniment, torso, arm and hand movement, footwork as well as a full combination that will be showcased later in the conference.  **NOTE:  You will need flamenco, character shoes, classical jazz shoes, OR hard soled shoes with a closed toe and at least 2″ heel.  BARE FEET, SNEAKERS, FLIP-FLOPS, SANDALS, ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Danica Sena is an internationally-acclaimed Master flamenco and Spanish dance teacher, choreographer and performer.  Having resided in Spain for a decade (1990-2000), her intrinsic cultural understanding of the art she imparts combined with a unique methodology and passion for teaching has made her one of the most-solicited in her field.  She has created, performed and produced over 200 original works for television, independent film and stage in Spain, Japan, Czech Republic, Mexico and the United States.  While residing in Spain she was selected among 5000 national auditioners to perform alongside 120 artists in Japan. 

During this two-year contract Ms. Sena founded the “Ago Arena Festival” in Ugata, a free, 2-day performance which showcased the choreographic talents of emerging young Spanish artists.  Her film “Continuum” was featured in San Francisco’s 2014 debut of the Tiny Dance Film Festival and the following “Light Interrupted” received widespread acclaim.  Classical/Opera credits include “The Nutcracker”, “La Traviata”, “Carmen”, “Don Quijote”, ‘’La Vida Breve”, “El Amor Brujo”.  Zarzuela credits include “La Rosa del Azafrán”, “Agua, Azúcar y Aguardiente”, “El Zapatero Prodigioso”. 

In February of 2017 she was awarded a 3-week residency in Dallas to choreograph and perform in Orchestra of New Spain’s “Misa Flamenca, From the Cathedral to the Streets”, a groundbreaking fusion of Baroque composition, contemporary ballet, live flamenco from Spain and digital projections of paintings by emerging Mexican artist Juan Carlos del Valle.  In April of 2017 she was brought as guest artist to collaborate with Madison’s renowned Kanopy Dance in the groundbreaking fusion production of “Snapshots of Spain”. 

Ms. Sena is the founder and artistic director of performing company, Andanza Spanish Arts, resident choreographer for Her Rebel Highness, an original SF musical revue, and a proud faculty member since 2004 of ODC, a groundbreaking contemporary arts institution with longstanding roots in the San Francisco dance community. Ms. Sena has acted as adjunct faculty member of Dominican University, University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University.  She is the winner of the 2014 San Francisco Bay Area Dancer’s Choice Award.  She is honored and proud to be considered a cultural ambassador to Spain via the bi-continental communities she has created and continues to foment as a result of a passionate and lifelong dedication to Flamenco and Spanish dance.

Email the Wisconsin Dance Council if you have questions:   info@wisconsindancecouncil.org