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LAST CHANCE to Audition for UWM Dance Department for enrollment Fall 2018

Spring into Dance

LAST CHANCE to Audition for the UWM Dance Department for enrollment Fall 2018

Saturday, March 10th, 2018
Audition will be held on the UWM campus, Mitchell Hall, and will consist of technique classes (Contemporary, Ballet, African) and performance of a one minute solo. RSVP required, apply below.

If you have questions please email – 


Dance Days Workshops
Get a behind the scenes look into the UWM Concert Season.
Performance and Q & A session with choreographers and performers.

Take class with our diverse, expert faculty.
Three dance workshops are offered in Modern/Contemporary, African or Jazz, Improvisation and/or Choreography.

High School Dance Days:  April 27, 2018
Studio Dance Days:  April 28, 2018


Kenilworth Open Studios 
Saturday, April 14th, 2018
Explore Kenilworth Square East – a 6-floor, 500,000-square-foot, industrial artist studio space home to over 100 award-winning graduate students and faculty of UWM’s Peck School of the Arts.

Our faculty and graduate studio doors open, inviting the community in to watch live art in the making. Experience four hours of art exhibitions & film screenings; live performances; demonstrations and hands-on activities for all ages.

Peck School takes pride in the diversity of ideas and work presented at Kenilworth Open Studios. Identified as a leading research institution, Peck School faculty and student artists are committed to tackling challenging problems to positively affect – and engage – the greater community and the world.  


Become a Dance Major at UW-Milwaukee
DANCE at UW-Milwaukee is committed to the development of skillful and vibrant dance artists and educators in their pursuit of a comprehensive education built upon diverse practices, research, and community engagement. Our innovative curriculum integrates multiple disciplines and somatic practices, creating a learning environment that prioritizes a balance of body and mind knowledge with informed, creative expression.

Our program offers many opportunities to perform, assist faculty in Research Projects funded by the University, and intern with professional dance companies.

UWM Dance offers BFA and BA degrees as well as Minors in Somatics and Dance Performance.

2017-18 Audition Dates:
Nov. 4, 2017    Feb. 17, 2018    Mar. 10, 2018



Dance Degrees & Admission or Just Say “Hi!”

Ask Dani


Register Now for Choreographic Intensive with Marlene Skog, March 3-4, 2018!

Register Now for a Weekend Choreographic Intensive with Marlene Skog
March 3 & 4, 2018 | 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Lathrop Hall, 1050 University Avenue, #349, Madison, WI 53706
Cost: Free (Space is limited, so register early)
Registration Opens:  January 29, 2018

This choreographic workshop is designed for pre-professional and professional female dancers interested in exploring dance-making through a ballet lens and provides dancers the unique opportunity work with Marlene Skog, whose influence is significant in today’s world of contemporary ballet.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of dance history, participants will utilize technique as a tool to uncover their unique artistic voices and to redefine contemporary ballet as a creative space for empowering women. The intensive will provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for participants.

This choreographic intensive provides a supportive community to challenge dancers both physically and artistically. Two days interweave ballet technique, choreographic tools, and creative investigation, as well as the opportunity to create original work and share it with fellow participating artists and the community. The intensive is FREE; however there will be a limited amount of space so please mark your calendars!


  • Master class, composition, and artistic exploration led by Marlene Skog
  • Opportunities for constructive feedback and dialogue regarding creation of work
  • Final showing to present works-in-progress and/or new ideas developed in the course of the intensive

To register, visit Space is limited. Female dancers ages 16 and up are encouraged to apply. Questions? Please email

The 2018 Choreographic Intensive will be held at the historic, Lathrop Hall. The building provides studio space with high ceilings and arched window spaces: 1050 University Avenue, #349, Madison, WI 53706.


Valley Academy for the Arts Teacher Training, July 14-15, 2018!

Valley Academy for the Arts
2-Day Intensive Teacher Training Program
July 14 – 15, 2018The Teacher Training Program is an intensive course intended to equip teachers with the necessary tools to teach ballet to students of all ages and learning styles. Our technique and application is explored through the systematic teachings of Vaganova, Anatomy, Kinesiology, development movement in children. 

For more information contact to learn more or email (920) 279-1578.

NHSDA 2018 Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award

2018 NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award
The Award

The National Winner of the Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award will receive a $1000 monetary award/scholarship. The National Winner, Finalists, and Honorable Mention recipients will all receive a certificate as well as a complimentary registration for NDEO’s National Conference in San Diego, California from Thursday, October 4 to Sunday, October 7. The award recipients will be publicly recognized for their award and have the opportunity to attend regular conference sessions to learn more about the field of dance education. 

(Please note: Travel and lodging costs are not included in the conference registration. Traveling with a parent chaperone is recommended. If traveling with a dance teacher chaperone, teacher must pay conference registration fees.)


The National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) serves to identify those honor students of junior and senior high school age for nomination for the NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award, the highest student dance award in the nation. State Affiliates of the National Dance Education Organization may elect to offer a state level award. All applicants are then forwarded for adjudication at the national level. There will be National Winners, Finalists and Honorable Mentions. Personal congratulatory letters from NDEO’s Executive Director are sent to the school district superintendent, school principal and state program arts coordinator. 

Student Eligibility
The applicant must be an inductee of the NHSDA and a high school junior or senior student (16-18 years) studying dance in any private or public high school, dance studio/academy, performing arts center, or community center. The student’s NHSDA Chapter must hold a current Institutional Membership in the NDEO.

State Affiliates
NDEO has the following State Affiliates that support the NHSDA: AZ, CA, CO, FL, MA, MI, MD, NC, NJ, NY, UT, WA, ID, MO, WV, and WI. Applicants that reside in a state that has an active NDEO State Affiliate that supports the NHSDA, may be eligible for a state level award. 

You should hit the SUBMIT button in the online application no later than February 24, 2018. This then triggers an email to be sent to your Chapter Sponsor requesting that they upload the Award Recommendation Letter by March 3, 2018. The State Affiliates that support the NHSDA will determine and announce their own award deadline. National Winner, Finalists and Honorable Mentions will be notified by email on or before April 10, 2018. 

Awards Criteria and RubricAward Criteria

Applicants are rated based on the strength of their technical and artistic merit, leadership, four essay questions, GPA, recommendation letter and resume. Each criteria is worth 300 points for a total score of 900 possible points. The applicants are judged in three main categories.  

Artistic Merit: The Nominee must demonstrate artistic and technical excellence in dance.

  • Technical excellence as seen in video
  • Artistic Merit as seen in video
  • Essay #1: Choreography – What was the intent of your original choreography? Please provide title of work, inspiration, and any challenges you encountered in the choreographic process. (Limit 250 words)

Leadership: The Nominee must demonstrate outstanding leadership in and outside of the field of dance at the school, community, state, and/or national level.

  • Recommendation Letter
  • Resume
  • Essay #2: Impact of Dance on Life – What impact has dance had on your life, in and out of the studio? How do you plan to use this influence in the future to have an impact on other people and communities? (Limit 500 words)

Academic Achievement: The Nominee must demonstrate academic excellence with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

  • Overall weighted and un-weighted GPA of 3.0 or higher (ex. 3.75 out of 4.0, or 4.25 out of 5.0)
  • Transcript
  • Essay #1 and Essay #2 Grammar and Writing Style


Technical Excellence:  Executes the technique of choice with clarity and accuracy; demonstrates codified technical movements and/or positions with clarity and accuracy; demonstrates a mature understanding of the technique and from where movements originate within the body; demonstrates an intellectual understanding of the technique and is not just copying movements learned; transitions are smooth one movement to the next; Overall, the applicant demonstrates technical maturity.

Artistic Merit: Communicates the intent of choreographic movements; communicates emotions, ideas and feelings of dance using his/her inner-most resources; has an intellectual and emotional understanding of what is required in the choreography; communicates using effectively the elements of dance (time, energy, and space); integrated in his/her knowledge of how his/her body moves; Overall, the applicant has command over technique and performance, and demonstrates a maturity in artistic growth.

Leadership:  The student demonstrates leadership at school, community, or state levels and evidence of leadership is provided in the Recommendation Letter, Resume, and Essay #2 question on leadership.

Essay Questions: The student uses excellent grammar (no typos); and articulately addresses the questions asked. The essay responses show maturity in synthesizing dance in life.

Letter of Recommendation: Recommendation from chapter sponsor includes specific examples of how the applicant demonstrates (a) artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement; and (b) reasons why (examples) the CS recommends the student for this award. It MUST include student’s overall GPA both weighted & un-weighted. 

Resume: It should divided into four sections (each should be labeled): 1) Dance Training History; 2) Performance & Choreography Experience; 3) Clubs, Activities and Leadership Roles – what else have you participated in the school, community, state and/or national level (can be dance and non-dance related); and 4) Awards and Honors – list all dance and non-dance awards, honors or scholarships received. Limit 1 page.

Application Components
Besides basic contact information the student will need to supply contact information (mailing address, email, phone) for their Chapter Sponsor, school principal, and if possible, their district superintendent and fine arts coordinator. Make sure you gather this information before starting the online application. 

The online application consists of basic student contact information, two short essays, resume, a 3 minute video, and two color photos (both a headshot and action photo either dancing or in a dance pose). The essays, video, resume, and photos are uploaded to the Acceptd platform as separate files. Once the application is received, Chapter Sponsors will be prompted to upload a Chapter Sponsor Award Recommendation Letter for the applicant. There is a $25 application fee (payable only by credit card).

Acceptd supports a majority of file types in use today including:

  • Video: MPEG, MPG, MP4, OGG, MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V, VOB, FLV
  • Images: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

It is recommended that applicants keep media files under 200MB if at all possible. This means you will most likely need to compress your video file. This will prevent very long upload times. 

Checklist of Components

Essay Questions:  Students will briefly address both questions provided using Times New Roman in 12pt font, one inch margins on all sides, and single spaced. Each essay should follow the specified length guidelines. Save the essay questions all in one Word document file, or in a PDF file.

  1.  What was the intent of your original choreography? Please provide title of work, inspiration, and any challenges you encountered in the choreographic process. (Limit 250 words)
  2. What impact has dance had on your life, in and out of the studio? How do you plan to use this influence in the future to have an impact on other people and communities? (Limit 500 words)

Resume: It should divided into four sections (each should be labeled). Limit 1 page.

  1. Dance Training History
  2. Performance & Choreography Experience
  3. Clubs, Activities and Leadership Roles – what else have you participated in the school, community, state and/or national level (can be dance & non-dance related)
  4. Awards & Honors – list all dance & non-dance awards, honors or scholarships received. 

Video:  3 minutes maximum of a solo performance by the student. It must be the student’s original choreography. It can be any genre of dance that best reflects the student’s artistic and technical abilities. While we traditionally receive a lot of modern/contemporary pieces, candidates should feel free to submit other styles such as tap, jazz, hip-hop, world dance, etc. It can be an actual performance on stage during a show, site specific, or filmed in an informal setting or studio. We suggest that you view videos of past year’s winners – you can find them at Videos submitted via DVDs and YouTube will not be accepted.
Photos: Two photos will need to be upload to the online application; 1) a head shot, and 2) a color photo of applicant dancing, in a dance setting or in a dance pose.

Chapter Sponsor Award Recommendation Letter: The deadline for student to complete the application, pay the $25 fee and hit the SUBMIT button at the end of application is February 23, 2018. This will then trigger an email to Chapter Sponsor to upload an Award Recommendation Letter, which must be uploaded by March 3, 2018. This letter should explain why the student deserves the award, and provide examples of the student’s leadership, artistic merit and technical excellence. Please make sure the Chapter Sponsor checks their inbox for this email. If they do not receive an email entitled Documentation Request from Acceptd, please contact Acceptd customer service at As a backup measure the Chapter Sponsor can email the recommendation letter directly to

The UW-Milwaukee Department of Dance Presents FREE sneak preview of joyUS justUS

joyUS justUS

Sunday, February 18, 5:30pm
Mitchell Studio 254, UW-Milwaukee
3203 N Downer Ave

Directed by Ana Maria Alvarez

The UWM Department of Dance is pleased to invite you to a FREE sneak preview of joyUS justUS set on our students by Contra-Tiempo-Urban Latin Dance Theatre.

This excerpt of Contra-Tiempo’s new work joyUS justUS, reclaims the dominant deficit-based narrative of people of color in this country as being underprivileged, voiceless, powerless, and victimized, and flips it on its head by embodying stories of joy collected from communities of color in South Los Angeles and participants across the country. These stories will be personal truths about the power of hope, faith, and family, the strength of the villages that have raised our children, the wealth that lives in our collective histories of struggle and resistance. 

This excerpt will also be performed April 26–29 at Springdances 2018.

Pius XI Performing Arts Academy’s Infusion: The Dance Experience Saturday, March 3, 2018!

Pius XI Performing Arts Academy Presents
Infusion: The Dance Experience
Saturday, March 3, 2018, From 9am-4:30pm

This one day intensive experience from the Pius XI Performing Arts Academy gives Dance students from grades 8-12 the opportunity to interface with some of the best and brightest in the world of Dance from across the country. Enrollment is only $50 and includes lunch and a commemorative T-Shirt. Space Is Limited, Don’t Miss Out–registrations are due on February 16, 2018.

Register Now

Jessica Lang Dance to Enrapt Wisconsin Union Theater Audience

Pictured: Julie Fiorenza in Lang’s “The Calling” and Photo by Kübra Karaçizmeli

Jessica Lang Dance to Enrapt Wisconsin Union Theater Audience

Expect a night of wonder and movement as the Wisconsin Union Theater welcomes to the stage the Jessica Lang Dance Company on Saturday, March 17th at 8pm. Pricing is as follows: General Public: $48/$44/$25, UW-Madison Student: $10, Union Member/Non UW Student: $44/$40/$25, UW Faculty/Staff: $46/$42/$25 and Youth: $20.

Jessica Lang Dance is a New York City-based dance company that captures and enrapts international audiences through the beauty of movement and music. Founded in 2011, the company has performed at the Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival, New York City Center’s Fall for Dance Festival, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, among others.

 The program includes Thousand Yard Stare, a dance about war, soldiers and PTSD. It was created after numerous discussions with veterans and with therapists and psychiatrists who specialize in PTSD. According to Jessica Lang, veterans who have seen the piece have been moved and touched by its authenticity.

Artistic Director Lang is an icon in herself. Originally from Bucks County, PA, Lang has transcended into international fame as an innovative and inspiring choreographer. She has choreographed works for companies like American Ballet Theatre, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, the National Ballet of Japan, and Joffrey, and many more.

“To describe Lang’s production as superlative is an understatement…the mood that settled throughout the auditorium was one of tenderness, an acceptance that one’s grief is a source of healing, that catharsis yields a new path in life”– Barnett Serchuk,

The performance is presented by the Wisconsin Union Theater’s Performing Arts Committee. It was supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support was provided by the H. Douglas and Elizabeth Weaver Fund for the Performing Arts and the Wisconsin Union Theater Endowment Fund.

Buy Tickets


Danceworks Performance Company Presents…WOMEN WHO DANCE, March 2-4, 2018!

Danceworks Performance Company presents…WOMEN WHO DANCE

Photography by Jeff Zmania

at Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water Street

A coalition of empowered women from all walks of life will come together to dance diverse styles from a variety of perspectives.

Danceworks Performance Company shares the stage with other inspiring, eclectic dancing women from the Milwaukee community. Sarah Wilbur, founding Artistic Director of Danceworks Performance Company, returns to the city to remount Disclosure Tactics, a dance for herself and 18 women, that asks the question – why do we dance? Another force to be reckoned with, the vibrant women of Panadanza will perform dances of Latin America and lead a Brazilian Samba lesson! Women and men alike – let’s celebrate the Women Who Dance!

 Friday, March 2, 7:30pm

Saturday, March 3, 7:30pm

Sunday, March 4, 2:30pm

And don’t miss:

FridayPost-show talkback with Sarah Wilbur

SaturdayPre-show Maker Fair with women-owned businesses

SundayPre-show Brazilian Samba lesson

Visit for more details, to be announced!

Ticketing Information:

Advance Purchase Tickets:  $27 Reserved // $22 General // $16 Student & Senior

Walk-Up Tickets:  $25 General // $18 Student & Senior


Or call the Danceworks Box Office: 414.277.8480 x6025