Madison Contemporary Vision Dance Presents “Light & Dark”, Sat, September 29-30!

Madison Contemporary Vision Dance Presents Light & Dark at Overture Center for the Arts on Saturday, September 29 – Sunday, September 30, 2018!

Light & Dark features a variety of original pieces created by choreographers inspired by different aspects of lightness and darkness. The first act takes you to the dark side where evil hearts and minds engulf the light in and around us. Witness the epic battle as the dark vanquishes the light.

As the battle continues, the second act takes a radiant turn as traces of light start to break through. Then, shining bright, the light brings us to images childhood, loving relationships and spirituality.

Light & Dark plays with contrasting ideas and brings you deep into the meaning of each piece.

Experience this exciting battle danced out on the stage; you just may recognize themes within yourself found in Light & Dark.


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