Simone Ferro Performed “the quiet”

The above video is of Wisconsin Dance Council President Simone Ferro performing “the quiet” from DANCING ON THE CEILING.

Dancing on the Ceiling included seven critically-acclaimed, award-winning performers ages 50 and above, whose careers jointly span nearly 200 years, joining together to present DANCING ON THE CEILING, a series of original solos exploring the fabric of women’s lives with strength, poignancy, and wit.

DANCING ON THE CEILING has been presented at the universities of Iowa, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Wisconsin-Madison.  Watch for this wonderful performance in your area.  It included performances by Simone Linhares Ferro, Chair of the Department of Dance at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Charlotte Adams, a Professor in the Department of Dance at the University of Iowa, Beth Corning, Artistic Director of corning dances & company, Heidi Latsky, Artistic Director of Heidi Latsky Dance (HLD), based in NYC, Li Chiao-Ping, Vilas Research Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Dance Department and Artistic Director of Li Chiao-Ping Dance, Debra Loewen, Artistic Director of WILD SPACE DANCE COMPANY in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Endalyn Taylor, Assistant Professor at The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

the quiet” was choreographed by Mauriah Kraker.  The video was taken by Meredith W. Watts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison performance, October 12-13, 2018.