Audition for Kids From Wisconsin in Eau Clare, Platteville, or Milwaukee, Applications Due January 10, 2019!

Kids From Wisconsin 2019 Auditions

The Kids From Wisconsin are looking for singers and DANCERS!
There will be 3 auditions, one in Eau Clare (February 15, 2019), Platteville (February 22, 2019), and one in Milwaukee (February 23 and 24, 2019).

Application web link:
Paperwork due January 10!

Seeking Wisconsin students ages 15-20 to represent the talented young performers across Wisconsin, proclaimed as “Wisconsin’s Premier Musical Ambassadors”.

The audition opportunity is open once again in its 51st year! Auditioning offers a professional summer experience of performing to over 120,000 people while touring and providing workshops across the state.

All applicants will receive professional feedback at their auditions. 36 chosen performers receive room & board along with a weekly per-diem. Apply today, and complete paperwork by January 10!