Get Tickets to see the Milwaukee Ballet perform “Lambrarena” April 4-7, at the Marcus Center!

The Milwaukee Ballet will perform Lambrarena,  April 4-7, at the Marcus Center
Lambarena is a ballet inspired by music combining the Baroque compositions of Bach with traditional West African drumming.  The ballet celebrates culture and community, using a combination of classical ballet and West African dance.  Choreographed by Val Caniparoli in 1995, this work has traveled across and now you can see Lambarena performed by the Milwaukee Ballet on April 4-7,  2019!

Photos courtesy of Ballet Met

Lambarena was premiered at the San Francisco Ballet almost 24 years ago. Take a peek, turn up the sound!

Lambarena is one of three works showcased in the Milwaukee Ballert’s program.  The other two are world premieres choreographed by previous Genesis winners, Enrico Morelli (Italy) and George Williamson (UK). 

Don’t miss this joyous celebration of cultures as these three unique works make their Milwaukee debut!