About WDC

The Wisconsin Dance Council serves the needs of dance education in Wisconsin and is devoted to dance as a fine art. Our organization promotes the appreciation of all types of dance as an art form and as a means of cultural expression

Our purposes are exclusively educational and charitable and as such are:

  • To promote dance as a discipline in education
  • To promote the appreciation of dance as an art form
  • To improve the quality of dance as an art form
  • To act as a cultural force in the state by stimulating interest in and support of artistic and creative dance programs
  • To cooperate with other organizations concerned with dance
  • To broaden awareness of dance as a therapeutic and health enhancing mode
  • To work for the inclusion of dance in the Wisconsin school curriculum

Holidays: The Wisconsin Dance Council makes every effort not to schedule meetings, conferences, or events on religious holidays.

Since its beginning in 1966, the Wisconsin Dance Council has:

  • Initiated the first state certification for dance teachers in public and private schools
  • Published surveys on three aspects of dance education in Wisconsin
  • Sponsored portable dance workshops, which brought master classes, lecture-demonstrations, and concerts to Wisconsin communities
  • Sponsored local workshops
  • Published the magazine, “Dance Dimensions”
  • Acted in an advisory capacity for the Arts in Society issue, “Growth of Dance in America,” published by UW-Extension Arts, 1973
  • Offered the first annual Wisconsin Dance Council conference in the fall of 1977
  • Initiated cooperative efforts with other organizations: Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, and the Wisconsin Alliance for Arts in Education
  • Became an affiliate of the Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters
  • Prepared Dance Curriculum Guidelines for K-12 in cooperation with the Department of Public Instruction in 1977 and 1988
  • Served on the task force for the writing of the “Academic Model Standards for Dance,” 1995-1997
  • Initiated first Wisconsin Dance Council Newsletter, June 1992
  • Acted as a strong advocate for dance education in WisconsinWisconsin Dance Council is excited about our potential for the future. We have made significant accomplishments toward the promotion of dance. Let’s keep moving on!