Award Categories

Nominations for Wisconsin Dance Council Awards

Since 1984, Wisconsin Dance Council has honored groups and individuals for their contributions to dance in Wisconsin.

Our Biennial Award Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 15, 2020. Now is the time to nominate potential awardees for the 2020 event!

Do you know someone that is making or has made significant contributions to dance in Wisconsin? Please nominate them for one of the following WDC Awards.

Wisconsin Dance Council Award Categories

Distinction is awarded to an outstanding person, group of individuals, or organization who has made significant contributions to the advancement of dance.

Margaret H’Doubler is awarded to an individual for his/her outstanding contribution as a teacher/educator in the field of dance.

Choreography/Performance is awarded to a devoted outstanding choreographer or performer who has exemplified his/her abilities through his/her works.

Research and Journalism is awarded to a person who has made a significant contribution to dance through research and journalism.

Lifetime Achievement is awarded to a person whose life has centered on dance as a performer or educator enriching Wisconsin’s Dance Heritage.

Career Recognition is awarded to a person whose diverse dance contributions (such as organization, involvement, leadership, choreographer, performer, educator, and innovator) have changed the future of dance in Wisconsin.

Friend of Dance is awarded to a supporter who has furthered dance opportunities through their voluntary efforts.