Tibor Zana

Tibor L. Zana, Emeritus Professor, MFA, UW-Madison, (Television Production and Direction) joined the Dance Faculty in 1964.  He established ballet courses in the department and served as Chair of the Dance Program on two occasions.  Along with four other colleagues in the 1980s, he collaborated to create the innovative major in Interarts and Technology (IATECH).  The IATECH program was instrumental in bringing students from various departments together to learn about the fusion of dance composition, electronic music, video, and computers.  During his undergraduate years (Carroll College, BA, 1961) he founded ballet schools and taught in several Wisconsin communities.  These experiences lead to a vision of how to create more opportunities for dancers and audiences throughout the State.  First, he founded the Madison School of Ballet in 1961 and co-directed it with his wife, Betty (Bess) Zana, until 1990.   Second, he founded the non-profit Wisconsin Ballet Company, incorporated in 1961.  Third, he established ballet courses at the University within the Dance Department. As of today, the performances of the “Nutcracker” ballet, which he established in 1964, lives on in Madison through the current Madison Ballet.