Vivian Tomlinson

While attending the University of Capetown in South Africa, he studied ballet and performed with the University of Capetown Ballet Company (1973-76.)  It was at that time Margot Fonteyn of the Royal Ballet performed with his dance company in Swan Lake. Tomlinson arrived in Madison in 1973 to join Wisconsin Ballet Company.  Mr. Tomlinson, a founding member of the Kanopy Dance (1976), danced in the Edinburgh Arts Festival in Scotland with Kanopy Dance Company in 1978.  He performed in France and Switzerland.  Mr Tomlinson has been teaching for the Madison School of Ballet, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Dance Department, and the University Department of Liberal Studies and the Arts, Division of Continuing Studies, in Madison and in outreach programs around the state.  He has worked with the Central Wisconsin Ballet Foundation in Wausau since 1976.  He has presented with Madison Civic Opera and University Opera.  He reprised one of his most delightful works Just for Kicks for Kanopy’s Generation to Generation concert in 2000 and again in 2015 to honor Vicky Tzoumerka-Knoedler at the Wisconsin Dance Council Award Ceremony.  Mr. Tomlinson was awarded the Wisconsin Dance Council Distinction Award 1999.

Vivian Tomlinson and Charmaine Ristow perform at the Wisconsin Dance Council’s Award Ceremony held at the at the Governor’s Mansion in 1996. (Photo Courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society)