Marlene Skog

Marlene Skog’s career as a performer and award-winning choreographer spans over 30 years at home and abroad. She is a passionate educator and advocate for the arts. Her work is known for its emotional range, brilliant technique, and purposeful fluidity between classical ballet and contemporary dance styles. It addresses the enduring question of what it means to be human and is purposeful in its strong synthesis of movement, music, and message. A native New Yorker, Skog’s experience as a performing artist and choreographer is vast. She worked in Sweden for 14 years, founding the international company, Marlene Skog Ballet as well as Uppsala Dansakademi, an establishment for dance arts. During her tenure as the Artistic Director of Dansakademi, Skog developed a professional dance curriculum that was approved by the Professional Dance Board of Sweden and supported by the State. Her unique choreographic vision prompted a noted collaboration with renowned Swedish choreographer, Birgit Cullberg. Skog was commissioned to choreograph for multiple cultural events internationally and has been awarded many unique honors. She received her MFA from the University of Arizona. Her work has performed nationally and internationally. Marlene currently is on faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Photography by Palmer Mathews