Mini Dance Festival 2022

Submissions now closed as of June 30th.
Awardees will be informed by August 1, 2022
A panel of 3 dance professionals will adjudicate and select up to 10 works to perform at the upcoming WDC Dance Conference scheduled to take place October 15, 2022 at the Grand Oshkosh
All revenue will be designated to the WDC Scholarship Fund
Contact us at (920) 980-5166 or

Choreographic Works Criteria:
  1. Must be an original choreography
  2. Group or solo works will be accepted
  3. All works should not exceed 3 min. for solos and 5 min. for group works
  4. The work may be choreographed by independent artists, studio/school instructors, or students
  5. Only two submissions per choreographer
  6. Independent artists, studios, and schools may submit more than one piece, but only one work per studio/school may be chosen
  7. All choreographic works presented will be adjudicated equally
  8. Up to 10 pieces will be selected to be presented live at the October 15, 2022 Event; final selection will include works by Professional Choreographers (performers are student-based) and works by Student Choreographers
  9. Winners will be informed by August 1, 2022
  1. All works must be submitted by June 30, 2022 in order to be considered
  2. All members and non-members of WDC are welcomed to submit their works
  3. Fee $35 for WDC Members; $55 Fee for Public per submission
  4. All submissions must be via password protected Vimeo. Google Drive. YouTube
  5. Video submissions should ONLY include the title of the piece
  6. All program information pertinent to the work should accompany the submission and contain:
    a. Title
    b. Choreographer
    c. Dancers
    d. Music
    e. Costumes
    f. Choreographer’s notes
  1. A panel of three professional artists from diverse dance genres
  2. Adjudicators will only have access to the title of the work
  3. All works will be adjudicated following these guidelines:
    a. Originality
    b. Technical expertise (in any of the techniques chosen)
    c. Professionalism
    d. Artistry
  4. The panel will curate 10 choreographic works to be selected to participate at the WDC Dance Conference on October 15, 2022 at the Grand Oshkosh

Due to artistic copyrights issues, none of the selected works will be shared in any of the WDC Social Media platforms unless the music is original or public domain


Participants selected to perform must register and are expected to participate at the conference

Submit via Google and PayPal here:
WDC Mini Dance Festival Submission

Thank you!
Warm regards,
Wisconsin Dance Council

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